About Scandinavian Shipping Network

Scandinavian Shipping Network AB is a consultancy company established in Stockholm, Sweden. The founder and owner of the company is Mr. Bo Haardstam Drewsen an industry veteran in shipping with more than 40+ years of experience from liner shipping, chartering, project freight forwarding, consultancy and networking. The company aims to provide advice and guidance to anyone involved in the logistics industry with the focus being on networking between customers, freight forwarders and shipowners on a global scale.

SSN is the European Representative of:

The founder has an impressive hands on experience in the field of shipping since starting his career in 1980 and with more than 25 years in Asia and in excess of 150-200 travel days a year for more than 2 decades the network built up is second to none. The career of Mr. Bo Haardstam Drewsen include:

  • 1980-1983 – Trainee at Ben Line sub-agency in Aarhus/Denmark
  • 1983-1987 – Branch manager at TRISHIP A/S, Aarhus/Denmark and TRISHIP AB, Stockholm/Sweden
  • 1987-1992 – Founder and branch manager at PENTA SHIPPING AB – Agent of COSCO, China
  • 1992-1996 – Manager ASIA of PENTA SHIPPING CHINA BRANCH
  • 1997-2012 – Founder and Chairman of MARTIN BENCHER GROUP A/S, DENMARK (China)
  • 2012- semi retired and relocated back to Stockholm, Sweden with family
  • 2016- 2021 – editor of Project Cargo Weekly an online news bulletin about shipping
  • 2021 – founder of Scandinavian Shipping Network AB

So, basically the questions you may ask yourself (among others) could be:

  • are you a shipowner looking for representation in Scandinavia?
  • are you a freight forwarding looking to find shipowners to work with?
  • are you in need of skilled people to join your organisation?
  • are you in need of contacts in Asia, Africa or the Americas in shipping & logistics?
  • do you simply need to get in touch with the right people who can help you?

Price and services upon request and as per agreement.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Yours sincerely,

Bo H. Drewsen, CEO

Scandinavian Shipping Network AB
SE-120 68 Stockholm/Sweden
Tel: (46) 708 244255
WhatsApp: (46) 708 244255
Skype: bohdrewsen
Email: bo.drewsen@scandinavian-shipping.com
Website: www.scandinavian-shipping.com

“all orders and contracts entered into and advice given are subject to the terms and conditions of Scandinavian Shipping Network AB latest edition available on request”